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Demeter and Her Impact on Greek Art and Culture


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Demeter and Her Impact on Greek Art and Culture

Questions and Answers

Question: is there a godess of flowers or nature?

Answer: Persephone was maiden of the spring, but Demeter made the flowers bloom for her.

Question: What can you tell me about the Thesmophoria?

Answer: Demeter's great festival the Themophoria, was celebrated in Athens and other centers in Greece. This ceremony was named after her title Thesmophoros ('bringer of law') and confined only to women, who prayed for fertility for themselves and the City. (Jun 7) 12 Skiraphorion (G) Skira secret Festival of Demeter, celebrating the fe rtility of women and the soil; grain was cut and threshed (Jun 7) 12 Skiraphorion (G) Skiraphoria Festival of Athene Sacrifices to Demeter , Kore, and Poseidon as well as Athene. Procession along the sacred road from Athens to Eleusis, pigs we re sacrificed to Athene in the village of Skiron, with prayers to Athene to prevent the summer from being t oo hot. The Skiraphorion seems to be part of the Themophoria.

Question: Do you have information on the Great Mother Figure?

Answer: The cult of the Great Mother developed in Phyrigia in central Asia Minor and was brought to Greece during the 6th century BCE. In Greece the cult was given credibility by being similar to the worship of Demeter. The cult went on to become one of the major religious movements of the Roman Empire. It is interesting that the Amazons may have been associated with this cult. One feature of Greek Religion is the wonderful art it produced. The cult of the Great Mother produced nothing of artistic importance.

Question: What can you tell me about the festival of Haloa?

Answer: Harrison has quite a bit to say about Haloa. It is a festival conducted by women of cereal an wine associated with Demeter and Dionysius. It consisted of sports and banqueting on the threshing floor in winter. The feasting rejects flesh which suggests that the festival is one of Pelasgian origin rather than the flesh eating Acheans.

Question: Did you get your daughter back from Hades?

Answer: Demeter gets her daughter Persephone back for the summer months but Persephone stays in Hades during the winter.

Question: Are there any stories about Despina, the daughter of Demeter ?

Answer: The duaghter of Demeter is Persephone. Click on the menu directory below and click on Persephone.

Question: how does land looks like when demeter is sad?

Answer: It looks like Autumn or Fall.

Question: who ways her father ? tell about in detail

Answer: Demeter was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea.

Question: How does Demeter's beliefs on marriage differ from that of her fellow goddess Athena?

Answer: Athena believes that marriage will weaken her powers so she remains a virgin. Demeter believes that every virgin should marry.

Question: Do you ave any pictures of the godesses or gods?

Answer: Click on the links to see the pictures.

Question: Are there any stories about Demeter that most people do not know? If so, what are they?


The above stories can be viewed at: Click here

Question: How many seeds did Demeter's daughter, Persephone. eat out of the pomegranate?

Answer: Three, but one was enough.

Question: What can you give me on information about Ceres?

Answer: Read above.

Question: Are there any organised Demeter worshippers today?

Answer: Wicca is an organized religion that may worship Demeter and there are others that style themselves as Pagans. Here is a newsletter from one of the groups:

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Question: Where was Demeter born?

Answer: Since Demeter may have come from Ge Meter (Earth Mother) the best answer may be the earth.

Question: Where does Demeter rule from? (such as the sky, sea...)

Answer: The earth is her domain.

Question: Where was Demeter born?

Answer: Demeter was born to Rhea, queen of the universe, so Demeter was born in the universe.

Question: birth and death of Demeter

Answer: Demeter was born after life came to the earth. She is an immortal goddess and will never die.

Question: what is demeter's symbol

Answer: Demeter appears with wheat, a wreath usually of wheat, a hand torch, grain sheaf, and scepter. Her chariot is a biga drawn by two snakes.

Question: Is Demeter one of the coolest gods??

Answer: She was very popular among the ancient Greeks.

Question: How old was Demeter when she gave birth to Persephone???

Answer: Age does not apply very well to goddesses.

Question: Zeus was the father of Demeter's daughter Persephone but he was never the husband of Demeter.

Answer: Why Hera tolerated her is not clear.

Question: Where can Demeter's temple be found?

Answer: At Priene is a sanctuary of Demeter and Kore. Many others are listed by Pausanias, Description of Greece. Priene, Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore

Question: what was demeters roman equal?

Answer: Ceres.

Question: How was Demeter important to the people

Answer: The ancient Greeks went to Demeter to help with a good harvest of their crops.

Question: what was Demeter's favorite animal?

Answer: Probably the crane, but she was also fond of any livestock animal.

Question: Did Demeter ever try to kill Hades?

Answer: One deity cannot kill another deity. Also deities are not allowed to enter Hades. Only Hades, Persephone, and Hecate are in Hades. Being in Hades is equivalent to being dead, so in this sense Hades is already dead.

Question: Did hades ever rape Persephone?

Answer: Click on the Menu Directory below and click on Persephone.

Question: did the demeter cult mean that women found their freedom?

Answer: Not likely. The women's cult of Dionysus (Maenads) is sometimes interpreted as a reaction to the the loss of women's freedom.

Question: why dont you have any pictures of demeter like paintings not sculptures of her

Answer: No paintings from ancient Greece survive. There are vase paintings which have survived and they are indicated. Some additional materials are listed.

Question: who is Demeter married to?

Answer: Demeter never married.

Question: Where does Demeter fit into the over-throw of Cronus? Did she help her brother Zeus? If so why is she not considered one of the 12 olympians?

Answer: Demeter was swallowed by Cronus so she could not help. Twelve was probably a holy number but all the gods and goddesses are important to mankind. The worship of Demeter was quite important. He worship was a daily event while the other olympians were worshipped less frequently.


Answer: In Euripides' IonThe scene of a girl gathering flowers is erotic, and it is associated especially with scenes of divine rape (cf. Persephone). Alcestis claimed the notice of three playwrights of distinction, Euripides, T.S. Elliot, and Thornton Wilder. The essential theme was perennial; he enactment of betrothal, resistence and eventual submission was re-encated in the ritual drama of every Greek wedding ceremony. The elements in the traditional story of Pluto's rape of Persephone, at the heart of the Mysteries, are marriage, abduction and death. The bride, terrestrial or divine, undergoes a change in condition and status, from virgin to bride. Euripides' satyr play, Alcestis (438 BCE), T.S. Eliot's drawing room comedy in three acts, The Cocktail Party (1949), Thornton Wilder's Alcestiad: A Life in the Sun' (1955)

Question: What was Demeters personality like? And why were her symbols wheat and others? And are there any, clear, pictures of her symbols? And what does Demeter look like? In words not pictures

Answer: Demeter had a nurturing personality. She was the goddess of grain so grains were her symbol. You may make a clear picture of grass in seed. Demeter is a beautiful woman who can change her shape to suite any taste or need. She is better recognized by her symbols: wheat, a wreath usually of wheat, a hand torch, grain sheaf, and scepter. Her chariot is a biga drawn by two snakes.

Question: What is a biga

Answer: A biga is a chariot drawn by two animals, one on either side of the of the chariot pole.

Question: where was demeter born

Answer: First she was born from Rhea, then Cronus swallowed her, and later Zeus made him regurgitate her. Was she born twice? Hera was born in Argos or Samos. Zeus was born in a cave on Crete. Why would Demeter be born in a place separate from these?

Question: What side does Demeter take in the Trojan War?

Answer: I find no involvement of Demeter in the Trojan war.

Question: I have to dress up like demeter. What should I wear?

Answer: What you wear is not that important. But you should carry her symbols that identify her. You may wear any outfit from any of the Greek periods including nothing, the founced skirt and revealing vest of the minoans, a peplos, or a chiton. Demeter appears with wheat, a wreath usually of wheat, a hand torch, grain sheaf, and scepter

Question: how did demeter die?

Answer: Demeter is an immortal and will never die.

Question: How was Demeter's role in the war against the Titans and the giants

Answer: I have no information on this.

Question: What is Demeter's personality like?

Answer: Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and of fertility in general. The personality of a goddess is determined by her realm and information about her personality is related to information about her realm. Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and fertility. She is generally regarded as a kindly goddess.

Question: What is Demeter's emblem?

Answer: A shaff of wheat.

Question: what does demeter look like?

Answer: Since a goddess can change her shape to match any mortal her facial features are not important. More important is her realm and the wisdom she might posses or her powers in that realm. She is best recognized by her use of this wisdom or power. In art she is recognized by her symbols. An artist will use a convenient beautiful woman on which the symbols of Demeter are prominently displayed. There is some consistency among images of Demeter, but not that much.

Question: what were the good deeds of demeter on earth and on heaven

Answer: Some good deeds of Demeter:

Question: how was demeter god of the harvest created or born

Answer: All the Greek gods result from an original separation of the earth and sky. In most other religions God creates the heaven and earth but for the Greeks the heaven and earth (sky and earth) create the gods. The sky and earth are Uranos and Gaia. From these two mating the Titans were born. From the mating of Titans came the Olympians. Demeter is an Olympian the goddess of the Corn, the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. The mating of the gods is unlike human mating. The gods Cronus and Rhea conceived in their minds the need for the goddess of corn. When they mated this conception resulted in the birth of the goddess Demeter who was prepared at birth to deal with her realm. At birth she began to organize her realm and quite quickly came up with a set of rules for it. She broadcast these as universal laws. Shortly thereafter she began to hold court and listen to how these laws were being carried out. Appeals to her laws were presented to her as prayers from humans, other organisms and appeals by other deities. She then modifies the laws or makes exceptions according to her cosmic plan and in this way answers prayers. The Greeks are also unique in that they believe in the rule of law and that the gods and humans are both subject. It is significant that Themis, the goddess of law, is a Titan who was not overthrown by the Olympians but was accepted into the Olympic pantheon.

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